In Between

In Between (2014) – Henk Schut
De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam

Schut’s installation In Between, 2014 works as an intervention in time and space, seeking to capture the gap between two moments. Placed in De Nieuwe Kerk, the installation slowed down the visitors’ transition from the bustling city to the serene church, where the exhibition Masks and Sculptures from Ivory Coast was on display.

In Between consists of steel plates forming a metre wide curved corridor over twenty metres in length. Loudspeakers, mounted on its exterior, produce a specific sound which causes the plates to vibrate. The immaterial impact of the installation works on when you exit the corridor and enter the space that follows.

In Between was commissioned by De Nieuwe Kerk and produced by Artery with the support of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, VSB Fund and Fred de la Bretonière.