More press for Who Goes There?

This show is a tour-de-force, and I defy anyone who sees it to ever feel satisfied by a traditionally staged version of Hamlet ever again. ArtSouthEast

Illuminating..fascinating…as refreshingly bleak and tormented as the grimmest of Jacobean Revenge Tragedies.Financial Times

I would wager this is one of the freshest, most original productions in London. Full marks.Theatreworld Magazine

BAC’s grand staircases and archways are thrillingly re-imagined as the medieval Danish Court.
Time Out

A skilful blend of live action and filmed material.
Inventive and intriguingThe Times

A Hamlet that has been sweetly deconstructed (two words I thought would never get within spitting distance) in a way that keeps us on the go, not only physically but mentally.The Independent on Sunday