Het Kasteel

Het Kasteel (the Castle) was an installation build above the night club Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. Artery commissioned artists Ward Kreykamp, Bart Stuart, Anton der Kinderen and Henk Schut to create new works which together made up the labyrinth. 12 sound artists were commissioned to produce new work as well: Leo van der Veen, Sander Houtman, Toine Heuvelmans, Eduard AYLON i PLA, JORN ‘Twisted’ Lemon, Y, Rik Nieuwdorp, Jetse Das, Leo Melcherts, Reinout Weebers, Irene van de Vleuten, Jaap Westerof , Emiel Ridderikhof and Jorrit Tamminga.

The labyrinth confronted the audience with their desires and fears. In a different form you could experience the same downstairs on the dance floor: seduction, relationship issues, passionate declarations. The personal experiences were recorded in the interview room at the end of the labyrinth. The stories which often turned out to be confessions could later be heard in small speakers which were hidden in the coats that were covering the walls of the Castle.

Realised in collaboration with Bitterzoet and with the support of the Mondriaan Foundation.