Who Goes There? Pick of the Week – The Guardian

A promenade version of Hamlet that takes you into the creepy back passageways of BAC to create an Elsinore full of intrigue. A compelling and highly entertaining evening melding film and live action.

It is the way that it is done that is radical. Speeches and events are moved around like pieces of furniture; film is wedded to the live action with exceptional brilliance. Ophelia dies again and again in her bath, an image that is starkly contemporary but that also plays on the famous Millais painting. An enquiring playfulness is evident here.

Illuminating… It gets to the rot at the heart of Denmark, and inside the minds of all the main characters. It is like seeing the play from several different angles, and with different mindsets, simultaneously. It is a nightmarish royal peepshow that smells of decay and death. Lyn Gardner